List of Chief Ministers in West Bengal | Total Tenure | Name and Party (1947-2022) PDF


Here we are providing you with the list of all Chief Ministers in West Bengal (1947-2022). Hopefully, it will help you in your study and knowledge. 


Total tenure 



1947 - 1948 160 days Prafulla Chandra GhoshIndian National Congress 
1948 - 1962 14 years 159 days Bidhan Chandra Roy Indian National Congress
1962 - 19674 years 234 days Prafulla Chandra Sen Indian National Congress
1967 - 1967265 days Ajoy Kumar Mukherjee Bangla Congress 
1967 - 1968250 days Prafulla Chandra Ghosh Independent 
1969 - 1970 1 year 19 days Ajoy Kumar Mukherjee Bangla Congress 
1972 - 1977 5 years 41 days Siddhartha Shankar Ray Indian National Congress
1977 - 200023 years 137 days Jyoti BasuCommunist Party of India (Marxist) 
2000 - 201110 years 188 days Buddhadeb Basu Communist Party of India (Marxist)
2011 - 2022*11 years 122 days Mamta Banarjee All India Trinamool Congress 
* Still is in power 

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